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The HACO Notcher is a well engineered notching machine, manufactured in Europe.
Four (4) different models are offered:
Mini, Maxi, Vari and Combi.
All HACO notchers are hydraulic driven and have an automatic blade clearance adjustment.
Thel machines come standard with a nice working table, several adjustable stops,and scales.
The Combi has all of the features of the Vari with the addition an extra working station at the back to bend sheet metal or to punch holes with a punch unit.

Integrated is a mini manual back stop in the extra station.
The smallest notcher is the HACO MINI.

This machine can notch a 90 degree angle in 10GA mild steel with maximum length of 8.6".

This MINI has a large working table with 2 adjustable quick set stops and scales.

The blade area is covered with a plexi cover to guard the operator.

When you need more notching capacity, then look at our HACO MAXI model.

This machine notches a fixed 90 degrees angle and has a capacity of 0.236" (6mm) mild steel.

The MAXI model has a large working table with adjustable stops and several scales machined into the table surface.

The blade clearance is set automatically and a jog mode jogs down the blades.
The HACO VARI uses a specially designed system to adjust top and bottom blade simultanous. The VARI notcher has an adjustable notching angle between 30-140 degrees, with a  capacity of 0.236"

Several adjustable stops and scales come standard on this machine.
The VARI notcher uses a hydro- mechanical system to lock or unlock the blade setting.
The rear station can be used for rectangular notching,  for bending with the gooseneck punch and multi-V bottom die, or for punching round holes, squares, rectangular or oblong shapes with the punching unit.