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Presses & Feeds
Press Room
Mechanical Punch

Heavy duty, high quality presses made for continuous duty three-shift operation

From small gap presses to larger 4-point straightsides and forging presses, Stamtec offers technology, value and customer support that are unsurpassed.

Hydraulic Production

Greenerd presses are rugged, heavy-duty machines designed and built to stand up to the rigors of three-shift manufacturing.

More Models, More Choices

No other press builder offers more models in more tonnage's and speeds than Greenerd
Press Feeding

PRE is the premier Press Feeding and Coil Handling Equipment Manufacturer in the nation.

Air Feeds
Servo Roll Feeds
Coil Reels
Pallet Decoilers
Coil Cradles
Cut-To-Lengh Machines
Close Coupled
Feed Lines
Toptranís 3 in 1 Servo Straightener Feeder w/Uncoiler provides the cutting edge for the stamping industry.

Designed to accommodate a full range of material specifications.

Toptranís equipment undeniably increases efficiency and reduces costs.